Man just who fooled direct guys into intercourse by posing as lady on Tinder jailed

Man just who fooled direct guys into intercourse by posing as lady on Tinder jailed

Duarte Xavier utilized a relationship applications to lure guy into intimate experiences at his own southern area Manchester level, authorities have said

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A guy who posed as a female on the web to deceive would-be suitors into blindfolded intimate situations at his own smooth might jailed.

Duarte Xavier attracted four males to their home in Wandsworth, southwest newcastle, by removing the “convincing” character of a woman called “Ana” on online dating apps such Tinder.

As soon as they have arrived at the flat, the 33-year-old produced excuses keep his subjects from witnessing the woman these people were hoping to see, by forcing those to put a blindfold or cover the company’s look.

However after that intimately assault the males, making one hence scarred the guy developed post-traumatic tension ailment (PTSD), Kingston Crown Court known.


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Handing down a 15-year words on weekend, vice-judge suggest basic Michael Hunter explained Xavier: “You have been found guilty of what things can only be identified as a marketing of trick and acquiring gender by acting that you were a female.

“By pretending that you are currently an appealing and sexually exciting girl, a person enticed them into doing love-making along with you.

“i’ve included your planned and harsh techniques you may very carefully regularly subject their targets to this exercises.

“You posses demonstrated no remorse or familiarity with the career of your patients.”

The court experienced known Xavier is a “liar and a fantasist” that utilizing his feminine alter vanity transferred provocative photos and messages to their targets to make them pay a visit to his dull.

This individual committed the four assaults between February 2016 and April this current year, receiving detained double using this method although getting billed by police until a third criticism were made.

Xavier has been found out halfway through sex-related situations by two of his own victims, as they got rid of the blindfolds he previously directed those to wear.

Both kept his own level soon after understanding that were there come duped while the secondly person noted the incident to authorities in Oct 2017, top Xavier to become detained.

One third prey, who’d initially been as well self-conscious to report the event, said he had been instructed by “Ana” to meet up in King George’s Park in Wandsworth, when the pair received love-making.

It was not until the two fulfilled for another hours a few days later on that the target saw Xavier and discovered exactly who he’d sex with.

After learning he previously come tricked, a next and best sufferer is very angered with the trial they also known as cops quickly, ready and waiting beyond your smooth for officers to-arrive and apprehend Xavier.

In a bearing report on the judge, one target claimed he previously become psychologically marked forever because of the encounter.

“He was thus convincing. It had been said to be some honest enjoyable between two consenting grownups,” they explained. “I now have intense pressure, stress, panic attacks and despair.

“i used to be a men and women guy in the past and adored satisfying others. These days I believe I’m carrying across a dark mystery that can always be aspect of me personally. I Am Hoping one day I Could find out how to trust everyone once again.”